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Plant Care Automation with Raspberry Pi and Python

Designed For: 8th-11th Graders

Difficulty Level:

Prerequisites: Familiarity with Python Programming and Terminal

Dates: September 9 - November 18

Times: Saturdays, 10:00 am - 11:45 am

Tuition: $1200 ($400 per month) - includes materials

In this hands-on, project-based class, students will create an automated plant care system that looks after your plant even in your absence. Students will build electronic circuitry with sensors and actuators, and then program the microcontroller to automate care for a live indoor plant.


This class is perfect for gardening enthusiasts, hobbyists, and students interested in exploring the intersection of software programming, electrical engineering, and agriculture. 

What You will Learn:

  • Basics of plant care and the factors influencing plant growth and health.

  • Fundamentals of Raspberry Pi and its application in IoT (Internet of Things) projects.

  • Python programming to develop automation scripts for plant care tasks.

  • Design and implement a fully automated plant care system using sensors, actuators, and Raspberry Pi.

  • Integrate hardware components with Python code to facilitate real-time monitoring and control of plant conditions.

  • Develop strategies for data logging and analysis to optimize plant care routines.

  • Troubleshoot common issues and improve the reliability of the automation system.

  • Professional development tools like VS Code, Github, and Jupyter Notebook

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