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Over-engineering a Planter Pot (Level 1)

Course Description

Overengineering, while not a desired practice in the field of engineering when implementing solutions for real-world problems, can be a valuable learning tool in the classroom. In this hands-on, project-based class students will learn the principles of electrical engineering and Arduino programming to design an overengineered planter pot.

This class is part of our Code & Grow program.

What you will learn

* Electrical engineering and electronic theory
* Programming using the Arduino platform
* Comprehension and understanding of concepts
* Problem-solving and critical thinking
* Practical (or in our case, impractical) application of knowledge
* Collaborative learning and teamwork
* Adaptive iterations and redesign
* Building confidence and resilience
* Awareness of trade-offs and optimization


Designed for: 7 - 11 graders
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Prerequisites: None
When: Saturdays 12 PM - 1:45 PM PST from February 10 through April 20
Where: Ohlone College, 43600 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539

What to bring to class

Students are required to bring their own Mac OS-based or Windows-based laptop. All other materials will be provided in class. Please note that Chromebooks are NOT supported for this class.




11 sessions

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