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We know what you're thinking. Hacking??? What kind of a show are you folks running here? Trust us. This is not the destructive kind that you see in the movies. While these skills can be used maliciously, our goal is to teach your students to use them ethically. Knowing how to hack a system is the first essential step in learning how to eliminate threats.

In this unique class, your student will be introduced to the following topics in order to understand how computers interact on a network, how to deploy an attack, and how to fix security vulnerabilities to prevent further attacks.

n   Linux Fundamentals

n   Packet Sniffing


n   Web-based hacks

n   Network Hacking

n   SQL Injection

n   Cryptography

n   Session Hijacking

With our help, your student will be hacking your checking account...  AHEM...securing banking networks like a pro!

Eligible Students

Middle School to High School

Skill Level

Beginner—no coding experience necessary!

Camp Duration

1 Week of Intense Hacking Bootcamp


10 Hands-On Labs

Real Time Application

Team "Capture the Flag" Hacking Competition


Alsion School

750 Witherly Ln, Fremont, CA

Camp Dates

To Be Announced

For more information, contact us at

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