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AI copilots are changing how coding is taught

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dramatically reshaping the world of software development. Traditionally, coding has been a meticulous process involving syntax and logic mastery. However, the advent of AI-powered coding tools like GitHub Copilot, Amazon CodeWhisperer, and Tabnine is changing this landscape.

While AI tools are becoming more autonomous, they still require human oversight. Students need to learn to review AI-generated code to ensure correctness and compatibility. AI Copilots have shifted the focus from syntax mastery to problem-solving skills. Students no longer need to memorize intricate syntax rules, as AI-powered tools handle much of the syntax correction and code suggestions. As our cofounder, Mr. Blu, likes to say, "Languages have 3 skills associated with them - 1) reading, 2) writing, and 3) speaking, and reading is now a more important skill than writing.

for programming languages, reading is now a more important skill than writing.

At Code Hobbits, we are fully embracing this new technology by integrating AI copilots into the curriculum to accelerate learning and allow students to focus more on understanding programming concepts and solving problems.

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