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Blublog Post #8: Unboxing Farmbot

Updated: Jul 2

This is the eighth in the series of posts about my project, Blubot, a robot that takes care of your raised bed for you. With Blubot, I'm on a mission to make gardening easy, space efficient, and low cost, so anyone, anywhere can start a garden. Check out the first few posts and table of contents here.

Last week, I raised enough money to purchase Farmbot, the base robot upon which I'm building the Farmbot. I am forever in debt to all the donors who supported my fundraising campaign and allowed me to get my hands on FarmBot. This post is dedicated to all my supporters. This week, I unboxed the FarmBot.

Unboxing is an interesting process. There was equal parts excitement and anxiety. My mind was filled with all these questions about what's inside - what tools are there? How many parts? Is it easy to assemble? etc. Here's a photo of all the parts laid out.

picture of farmbot's main beam with an arrow pointing to it

This metal bar was referred to as the "main beam" in Farmbot's documentation. This beam connected the two legs of the robot which allowed it to move along the raised bed.

picture of farmbot's two gantry columns with an arrow pointing to it

These two metal bars were what the Farmbot documentation referred to as "gantry columns". These two columns along with the beam, were practically what made up the robot's movement across the raised bed. The column with the arrow above it has a box that holds a customized Arduino to help control the Farmbot's functionalities.

picture of farmbot's hand with an arrow pointing to it

This part is called the "Z-axis". That was because this part was what gave Farmbot a hand to interact with the soil. Without it, Farmbot wouldn't have been able to plant, take care of, or harvest any plants.

Those 4 components are the main structural components keeping the Farmbot operable.

Now that I'm familiar with all the parts and their functions, it's time for me to build a raised bed upon which the Farmbot will be installed. That's next week.

Keep Growing! 

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