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In this startup, the earth is the limit.


In a world that influences our young people to become increasingly self-absorbed, four teens will take on the task of building a unique startup. Instead of technology, their innovation must come from the earth as they work together to construct a geodesic dome greenhouse that will provide food for members of their community who experience food insecurity. With no riches to be had for their efforts, their relationships and their patience will be challenged. Will they succeed in completing this endeavor? We honestly have no clue.

StartDOWN is a documentary that will venture into unknown territory. In the same way that wildlife filmmakers cannot predict animal behavior, there will be no scripts to follow and no known outcome at the time filming begins. While we know from experience how this work can change hearts and minds, choosing teenagers as our subjects is definitely a risk. But it's a risk well worth taking toward a unique and profound goal . . . becoming selfless.

Though still in the pre-production phase, StartDOWN's release is slated for 2023. Viewers can expect to watch this special documentary one of several popular streaming services. Progress updates, images, and film clips will be added to this page as we make them available.

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