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Blubot Post 5: Introducing the team

Updated: Jan 5

This is the fifth in the series of posts about my project, Blubot, a robot that takes care of your raised bed for you. With Blubot, I'm on a mission to make gardening easy, space efficient, and low cost, so anyone, anywhere can start a garden. Check out the first few posts and table of contents here. 

Last week I realized how the mechanical engineering components of Blubot have a steep learning curve for me. For me to complete a working prototype by Earth Day 2024, I need to accelerate the development by building a small team to work on Blubot with me. I talked to several of my friends and classmates, and I'm happy to announce that three people have agreed to join the project. In this post, I will introduce my new team - The Blu Team!

Photo of Earth day 2024's date

First, we have RYKA (aka the Gear Head). Ryka has been participating in a competitive robotics team and competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition. She will be leading the CNC development work for Blubot. She is currently a freshman in high school and takes after-school enrichment classes with me.

Then there's AKSHARA (aka Circuit Breaker). Akshara has a broad experience in coding, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. She is a freshman in high school and will lead the electrical work on Blubot.

Finally, there's ARIN (aka Bob the Builder). I've worked with him on cybersecurity projects and assignments in the past, and also plant care automation projects. Arin is a sophomore in high school and excited to help out on the project.

That's all for this week. The next step is to have a team kick-off meeting and start ordering parts. To the moon!

Keep Growing!

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