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Blubot: So anyone, anywhere can grow a garden

Updated: 6 days ago

Hello, my name is Aidan Tjon. I am currently a sophomore in high school. Like many students my age, I am in a weird stage of life. I have acquired skills that I think are useful to society, but I am unsure of how to put them to good use. Driven by my conviction to help others, I consulted my family, trusted adults, and mentors. Conversations with them led me to the idea that I want to do something that is good for the planet, improves human health, and is personally gratifying.

I have decided to spend the next year building Blubot, a robot that helps anyone get started with growing their own food. The concept of Blubot is inspired by Farmbot, which I believe is too expensive to be affordable by all. I want Blubot to be easy to use, space efficient, and most importantly, low cost.

Farmbot managing a raised planter

In this blog series, I will document my progress, the obstacles I face, and how I overcome them. Hope you find these posts useful and inspire you to start your very own hi-tech, low-work food garden.

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