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Blubot Post 3: Project planning and schedule

Updated: Jul 2

This is the third in the series of posts about my project, Blubot, a robot that takes care of your raised bed for you. With Blubot, I'm on a mission to make gardening easy, space efficient, and low cost, so anyone, anywhere can start a garden. Check out the first few posts and table of contents here. 

This week, I wanted to organize myself and list out all the major tasks I'd need to complete to have a working prototype of Blubot. I decided to create a Gannt Chart for the project. Here is it below.

Blubot Project Schedule

Blubot Project Schedule

This project schedule was created in mind to launch the first product prototype by Earth day in 2024. This would commemorate same the food security and sustainability principles with Blubot.

The Gannt Chart will help me keep track of my progress in the upcoming months. That's all for this week. Things are beginning to take shape and I am really excited to see how far this project can go.

Keep growing!

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