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The Intersection of AI and Climate Action, and what it means for high-school students

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is permeating every aspect of modern life and its potential to solve some of the world's most pressing issues has never been more evident. At Code Hobbits, we believe in harnessing this potential by introducing middle and high school students to AI through hands-on projects, specifically projects related to Agriculture, Sustainability, and Climate Action. For example, Aidan, one of our high-school students, is building the Blubot, a robot designed for plant care automation. This approach not only equips students with future-ready skills but also instills a deep sense of purpose and urgency toward environmental stewardship.

Studying AI through environmental applications offers other benefits as well. It encourages students to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a real-world context, fostering a proactive attitude towards global challenges. Many students continue to develop their class projects to the point where these projects become central to their college applications. In addition to demonstrating a deep understanding of coding, AI, and math, in a college application, these projects showcase a student's ability to overcome technical, social, and market-driven obstacles. Most of all, these projects demonstrate how technology can be a force for good, aligning student's values and aspirations for a sustainable future.

Looking ahead, educating students at the intersection of AI and climate action is more than an academic endeavor; it's a commitment to nurturing informed, capable, and compassionate individuals who are ready to lead the charge toward a more sustainable world. We invite students, parents, and educators to join us in this vital mission, empowering the next generation to harness the power of AI for the greater good of the planet.

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